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Theme: #4 2012


Turkey's freedom of speech is crumbling

The writer and publisher Ragip Zarkolu is an honorary member of Swedish PEN. He has over the years published numerous books on subjects that are sensitive in the modern Turkey. Until last week, he was...

Text: Raqip Zarakolu April 17 2012

How’s Your Slavery Goin’?

Secularism and the role of religion have always been charged subjects in Turkey—perhaps more today than ever before. Tarik Günersel, playwright and President of Turkish PEN gives us his views on...

Text: Tarik Günersel April 17 2012

Free Speech in Burma: How long will it last?

“The basis of democratic freedom is freedom of speech”, said Aung San Suu Kyi in 2010, right after she was released from nearly 20 years of house arrest. In Burma neither freedom of speech or the...

Text: Aung Zaw April 17 2012

The sunset exile

Exile and deportation are not fixed concepts. They have always shifted over time, and been filled with different content. But the idea of returning home is at the center of all hope for freedom. The...

Text: Bertrand Teyou April 17 2012


Reza Najafi is an Iranian writer, literary critic and editor, who lives in exile in Germany. He has so far published more than 350 short stories and literary essays. In Nirvana, he is presenting a...

Text: Reza Najafi April 17 2012

Self-censorship—the main danger

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. The main reason is the drug wars between criminal organisations. “Some people say that being a journalist in this country is...

Text: Gabriella Isabel April 17 2012

A brief report on a country at war

Attempted assassinations, forced disappearances and death threats are a part of everyday life in Colombia. The country is known for its political trials. At the moment there are 7,000 political...

Text: Angye Gaona April 17 2012

Secrecy and Torture

The fundamental human rights are not open for negotiation. But what do we do when a democracy starts to legalize torture? Larry Siems, writer and the Director of Freedom to Write and International...

Text: Larry Siems April 17 2012