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Meat ties this epic poem by the Tatar poet Elvina Valieva together. The bitter taste of colonialism exists side by side with the love in the broth, and the fact that your home always remains home...

Elvina Valieva April 10 2024

Icarus' dream

Wesam Almadani is a Palestinian writer, and human rights activist, who came to Norway as an ICORN writer. Almadani published two books – the novel The Body’s Schizophrenia (2020) and the poetry...

Text: Wesam Almadani  February 28 2024

Poems by Ivars Šteinbergs

Ivars Šteinbergs is a poet, critic, and translator from Riga, Latvia. His second collection of poems Jaunība (Youth, 2022), published by Neputns, received the Annual Latvian Literature Award in 2023...

Ivars Šteinbergs November 02 2023

Three poems by Alesya Loseva

Aļesja Loseva is an author of Belarusian origin who was born in Latvia. The influence and temperament of the Latvian, Belarusian and Russian languages are intertwined in her poetic voice. In public...

Text: Aļesja Loseva October 05 2023

Poems by Anis Ghuneimah

These two poems are from the poetry collection The Funeral of a Magician by Anis Ghuneimah, winner of the first prize in the Young Writer of the Year 2017 competition, launched by the A.M. Qattan...

By Anis Ghuneimah May 24 2023

Poems by Hala Shrouf

Hala Shrouf is a Palestinian writer based in Ramallah. She was born in Libya in 1978, and has lived between Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. She moved to Palestine in 1995. Shrouf studied English...

By Hala Shrouf May 24 2023

Poems by al-Zaqzouq

Guest editor Muhammad al-Zaqzouq contributes with two poems from the poetry collection The All-Knowing Betrayed Me. He is the winner of the Ali Khalili Prize for Poetry, within the Palestine Cultural...

By Muhammad al-Zaqzouq May 23 2023

Poems by Hamed Ashour

By the young poet Hamed Ashour (born 1994), we publish the poems Open Heart and Simple Things from the poetry collection A Surgeon Experimenting on himself. Ashour was born in Gaza in 1994. He...

By Hamed Ashour May 23 2023

Hell and Quorum of the Dead  by Ameer Hamad

From the poetry collection I Looked for their Keys in the Locks by Ameer Hamad, first prize winner in the 2019 Young Writer Competition. Hamad was born in Jerusalem in 1992, and currently resides...

Poems by Ameer Hamad May 23 2023

Poems by Nidal Al-Faqaawi

Two poems are selected for this issue number from the poetry collection Noon Poems in the Cobbler's Cart by Nidal Al-Faqaawi, winner of the first prize in the Young Writer of the Year 2015 competition...

Poems: Nidal Al-Faqaawi May 23 2023

Poems by Abdulla Peshew

Abdulla Peshew was born in 1946 in Erbil. Between 1970-1973 he worked as a teacher in Erbil. In 1973 he traveled to the Soviet Union (USSR) and studied at the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in...

Poems: Abdulla Peshew May 11 2023

Poems by Hind Joudeh

These two poems are from the poetry collection Nobody Always Leaves by Hind Joudeh, a Palestinian poet living in Gaza. Joudah was born in 1983 in al-Bureij refugee camp in Gaza. She writes poetry and...

Poems: Hind Joudeh May 10 2023


Axîn Welat is active as a poet and writes in Kurdish, Arabic and Swedish. She lives and works as a writer in Sweden and is a member of Sweden's Writers' Association. Eight books have been published by...

Poems: Axîn Welat May 04 2023

Poems by Farhad Shakely

The poet Farhad Shakely (1951) was born in the province of Kirkuk, in southern Kurdistan. Shakely was an active opponent of Saddam Hussein's regime. He joined the Kurdish liberation movement as...

Poems: Farhad Shakely April 06 2023

Poems by Dilsha Yusuf

Dilsha Yusuf is a poet, journalist and translator. She debuted in 2002 with the poetry collection "Mötets ringklocka." Yusuf has published 12 books. Two of them are poetry collections and the rest are...

Poems: Dilsha Yusuf February 16 2023