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Theme: Digital threats


The battle over Turkey’s internet

The passing of law 5651 in Turkey has made it possible for the Turkish government to block access to web pages that contain ‘undesirable’ material. This is part of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğans...

Text: Alev Yaman July 08 2015

A murdered blogger’s last words

Writer and blogger Ananta Bijoy Dash wrote several entries on his Facebook page just hours before he was killed in the street in the town Sylhet in Northern Bangladesh on May 12. He contributed on a...

Text: Ananta Bijoy Dash July 08 2015

China’s great cannon and censorship

The recent alarm that Chinese hackers had penetrated several vital digital systems even among dissidents in other countries, such as for example Canada, shows that cyber war is becoming the norm. What...

TEXT: Maria Vanta July 08 2015

Speak to me—intelligence programmes can only read

In sci-fi literature ‘low tech’ is a way of evading control; simple technology is harder to trace than more advanced. Zeng Jinyan, blogger and human rights activist, writes about how Chinese...

Text: Zeng Jinyan July 08 2015