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Theme: LGBT


People who love

Some people want to organize the world according to their own longing for order and their own definition of purity, as...

TEXT Elisabeth Åsbrink Translation December 19 2017

Language and rights in Iranian Queer community

Benyamin Farnam is a documentary filmmaker and photographer from Iran, with human rights and LGBT perspectives as main topics. For PEN/Opp Farnam gives an analysis of the situation for LGBT...

Text: Benyamin Farnam January 07 2018


Yasaman R. Choube was born in Iran and now lives in exile. For PEN/Opp she has written a moving story about love, oppression and loss.

Text: Yasaman R. Choube December 18 2017

The City of White Shadows

Anouar Rahmani risks jail time because of what he writes. PEN/Opp publish an extract from one of the texts that is currently being investigated by the authorities. The City of White Shadows is an...

Text: Anouar Rahmani December 18 2017

Lesbian Love in the Land of Fear

"Was is worth your while to go through all this when you could silently love women?", Dr. Iman Al-Ghafari, ICORN guest writer, about the conditions for love in surveillance cultures.

Text: Dr. Iman Al-Ghafari December 18 2017

To be silent is to say we are not alive

Romeo Oriogun is a poet from Nigeria, a country where homosexuality is criminalised and can give up to fourteen years of prison. In Nigeria, the publishing of queer texts is restricted and even if...

Text: Romeo Oriogun December 18 2017

My.Kali: A Novel To Remember

Antonia Kreissl meets the writer Saleem Haddad in a conversion on identity, gender, sexuality and on how the novel can be a part of forming a queer, cosmopolitan identity.

Text: Antonia Kreissl December 18 2017

My.Kali: 10 Years of a Public Fight

My.Kali was born from the need for expression, reflection and the demand of LGBT people to be acknowledged as human. This is the story of Khalid Abdel-Hadi, the founder of My.Kali, when he was singled...

Text: Khalid Abdel-Hadi December 18 2017

My.Kali: Shereen Zoumot

Shereen Zumot is an actress and producer from Jordan and uses film to confront gender barriers. This is the second part...

December 18 2017

My.Kali: Shereen Zoumot

Shereen Zumot is an actress and producer from Jordan and uses film to confront gender barriers. This theme actress...

Photo: D.H. December 18 2017

The Worst Days of Our Lives

Award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter Anton Yarush on anti-gay propaganda and the alarming situation for LGBT-people in today's Russia.

Text: Anton Yarush December 18 2017

The Neighborhood Mirror

Max Lobe (1986) was born in Douala, Cameroon, and now lives in Switzerland. His first novel, 39 Rue de Berne, which portrays a gay man was awarded with the 2014 Prix du Roman des Romands. Lobes...

Text: Max Lobe December 18 2017

LGBT and Free Expression

Sarah Clarke from PEN International on the global free expression threat against LGBT individuals, a growing area of PEN's work. Learn more about how writers in different countries are being silenced...

Text: Sarah Clarke December 18 2017