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Theme: Nationalism and freedom of speech


The Hybrid War and the Poetics of Resistance

In Russia it is not merely the war that has a hybrid nature—similar contradictory and elusive characteristics may also describe the state of justice, freedom, and censorship within the country. In his...

Text: Lev Rubinstein September 17 2016

The Same Silence as Before

In Turkey on September 9 Ahmed Altan, writer, journalist and former chief editor, was detained along with his brother. In an interview by Alev Yaman made just before Altan’s detention Altan claims...

Text: Alev Yaman September 17 2016

Media’s Role in Promoting Nationalism

The broadcasting from the European football championship this past summer provided Hungary’s President Viktor Orbán with yet another opportunity to reach out with his xenophobic and EU resistant...

Text: Eszter Babarczy September 17 2016

Indian Nationalism in a New Guise

A united India was envisaged at the time of Independence in 1947—an inclusive and pluralistic country that would respect all the religious denominations. These past years, however, have seen this...

Text: Salil Tripathi September 17 2016

"The fight is a part of the Polish ethos"

In Poland nationalism has grown into a thriving official ideology. The regime is demanding that the citizens defend all internal affairs and both the state and the church remain silent on issues of...

Text: Lidia Ostalowska September 17 2016

The Truth the Flag Conceals

For his journalistic achievements Can Dündar has recently been awarded the Swedish National Press Club’s Freedom of Speech Award in memory of Anna Politkovskaya. After having been prosecuted for his...

Text: Can Dündar September 17 2016

A Frozen Soviet Fragment

Belarus is often called Europe’s last dictatorship. However, oppression within the country does not adhere to the more common nationalistic model—quite the opposite.

Text: Dmitri Plax September 17 2016