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What's at stake

Attila Mráz, expert on political liberties, writes about the challenges facing social and critical Hungarian NGOs at the time of the general election campaign.

TEXT: Attila Mráz March 13 2018

Standing up for poetry

Krisztina Tóth's second short story for PEN/Opp - a multi-layered tale of hierarchy and inequality.

TEXT: Krisztina Tóth March 13 2018

Starless Night

A piece of "flash fiction" by Hungarian writer Krisztina Tóth, presenting a haunting snap-shot of everyday life in Budapest today.

TEXT: Krisztina Tóth March 13 2018

"Almost nobody seems to care"

In an interview, philosopher G. M. Tamás tells PEN/Opp why freedom of speech and democracy are in decline in his home country.

Text: Daniel Gustafsson March 13 2018

The same old story, again

Writer Orsolya Karafiáth was fiercely attacked for her attempts to spotlight how Hungarian women are repressed and silenced in the wake of #MeToo. This is her story.

TEXT: Orsolya Krafiáth March 13 2018

The irony of being censored

The artist duo Lőrinc Borsos creates an alternative national image as a counterpoint to the official national representation in Hungary - a risky business.

TEXT: Daniel Gustafsson March 13 2018

Padded Cells

Art journalist Gergely Nagy on the shrinking space for independent art in Hungary: "Nothing has been forbidden, no one has been jailed." But ...

TEXT: Gergely Nagy March 13 2018

Reports from the corners of the pantry

Journalist Attila Mong reports on how government politics dominate the media landscape in Hungary, while independent media has become increasingly marginalized.

TEXT: Attila Mong March 13 2018

Media’s Role in Promoting Nationalism

The broadcasting from the European football championship this past summer provided Hungary’s President Viktor Orbán with yet another opportunity to reach out with his xenophobic and EU resistant...

Text: Eszter Babarczy September 17 2016


On 23 February 2009 a Roma man and his 5-year-old son were shot and their house burnt down, seriously injuring the other two of the children and their mother, in Tatárszentgyörgy, some sixty...

Text: Péter Kántor December 14 2011

Hungarian Democracy in Tatters

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his party Fidesz controls over two-thirds of the parliamentary seats. Now they are putting the country through a thorough makeover. The Canadian-Hungarian...

Text: Éva S. Balogh December 13 2011