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When we become silent

In later years, violations of citizens’ and political rights have escalated dramatically in Bangladesh. Media is increasingly under pressure and the authorities fail in the protection of minorities...

Text: Supriti Dhar November 29 2018

84 bloggers on the death list

Bangladesh was founded as a secular state – but the former regime established Islam as the state religion. This doesn’t tally, and the double ledger has resulted in a tug-of-war that leads ultimately...

Text: Ratan Kumar Samadder December 17 2015

The crisis in Bangladesh — and what can be done

The situation for secular intellectuals in Bangladesh is worsening by the day. According to the American human rights defender Michael De Dora, hopes cannot be pinned on civil society and...

Text: Michael De Dora December 17 2015

Daring to know – the story of Mukto-Mona

The very popular blog Mukto-Mona (free thought) was the victim of an Islamist terrorist attack this year that left four of its writers dead. The blog was a successful experiment in freethinking and...

Text: Siddhartha Dhar December 17 2015

The provoking cartoonist

For 31-year-old cartoonist Arifur Rahman, drawing proved a life-threatening activity in Bangladesh. In 2007, he was arrested and tortured for six months for having blasphemed against Islam. In 2010 he...

Cartoon: Arifur Rahman December 17 2015

A feminist’s observations

What’s it like to write about feminism and women’s issues in Bangladesh? Author and blogger Marzia Prova has fought long and hard to get to write openly about sex, rape, equality, menstruation and...

Text: Marzia Prova December 17 2015

Avijit’s killers

Anisur Rahman, poet, critic and playwright, was guest writer in Uppsala from 2009 to 2011. This newly written poem was composed in response to the murder of the very well-known author and blogger...

Text: Anisur Rahman December 17 2015

Letter to my dear friend

On February 26th the blogger Avijit Roy was murdered on his way home from a book fair together with his wife. The writer Shabnam Nadiya, who was a childhood friend of Roy, here writes an open letter...

Text: Shabnam Nadiya December 17 2015

A murdered blogger’s last words

Writer and blogger Ananta Bijoy Dash wrote several entries on his Facebook page just hours before he was killed in the street in the town Sylhet in Northern Bangladesh on May 12. He contributed on a...

Text: Ananta Bijoy Dash July 08 2015

The ICORN-Relay – Anisur Rahman

There are currently 35 sanctuary writers throughout the world who have been forced to leave their countries because of persecution and harassment. We give some of them the opportunity to have their...

Text: Anisur Rahman July 06 2011