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No one cares about women’s rights in Ethiopia

The problem is not just that advancements in women’s rights in Ethiopia seem to have come to a standstill—whoever calls to attention these grievances and the betrayal of the female half of the...

Text: Anonymous April 08 2015

Letter from Kality prison: Who’s guilty?

No one who has not been wrongly imprisoned can really understand how the system, bit by bit, erodes one’s dignity and self-respect. Prizewinning Ethiopian journalist Reeyot Alemu was sent down for...

Text: Reeyot Alemu April 08 2015

Diamonds form under high pressure

Swedish journalist Martin Schibbye and photographer Johan Persson were held for one and a half years in Kality prison. Martin is very familiar with the environment described in many of the texts in...

Text: Martin Schibbye April 08 2015

The third condition of freedom

Food or morals? This Brecht quote and dilemma underlies the discussion about the freedom of speech and other human...

Text: Ola Larsmo April 08 2015

Dogs and humans in Addis Ababa

Where does the idea of a just society begin? Perhaps in a sudden moment in the morning traffic. Author and chairman in Ethiopian PEN Solomon Hailemariam sees the biggest change in the smallest thing...

Text: Solomon Hailemariam April 08 2015

Welcome to Zone 9: Ethiopia

It has been exactly a year ago since Ethiopian forces in the Ogaden Province arrested the two Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson. They have been sentenced for “terrorism” and remain...

Text: Mesfin Negash July 02 2012