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Saudi Arabia


In Saudi Arabia, the Prince has no Clothes

"His capricious and absolutist decisions will only lead to disaster. But the only choice we have is to applaud him, emigrate, or be jailed—and in the worst case, have our throats slashed."

TEXT: Hanaa Alkhamri September 11 2018

140 characters make you a terrorist

Saudi Arabia remains one of the countries untouched by the wave of democratic uproar which swept through many other Arab-speaking countries. The reason is the monopoly the ruling royal family holds...

Text: Hana Al-Khamri September 10 2014

Citizens in need of a homeland

Far away from media attention there are people stuck in oppression, who never will be known or mentioned. This text is written by a Saudi writer under pseudonym and tells about ethnic and bureaucratic...

Text: Waleed Hamadani December 14 2011