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Theme: The non-Russian Russia: the decolonial literatures


Language for dreams and farewells

I was visiting my relatives. My aunt gave me a farewell present of reindeer tongues, a wonderful gift, as they are very...

Neseine June 04 2024

Reindeer caravan

In “Reindeer caravan” we get to follow a child with insight in the state of things: the aunt wants to operate her eyes round, children are taken away from their families for six whole years, the...

Ksenia Bolshakova June 04 2024


Where does being in the middle take place? Perhaps between novruz and christmas, different geographical places, between two languages where one of them brings literature but first after cutting up the...

Egana Jabbarova April 30 2024


Meat ties this epic poem by the Tatar poet Elvina Valieva together. The bitter taste of colonialism exists side by side with the love in the broth, and the fact that your home always remains home...

Elvina Valieva April 10 2024

Why people are annoyed when I write in my native tongue

The Tatar language is unintentionally left in the childhood kitchen for many years. We get to follow the language from childhood with əbika, to school and university where it’s ignored, and to Berlin...

Dinara Rasuleva April 10 2024