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A message from Sanandaj

Neda is a Kurdish woman and human rights activist who participates in and leads the protests in the Kurdish city of Sanandaj in Iran. The regime's forces have occupied the center of the city and the population experiences gunfire day and night. Despite the overwhelming violence, Neda's words testify to a tireless will to fight that brings hope. The protests Iran is witnessing are not called for protests. Her message to us is that they are calling it for a revolution.

Credits Text: Neda from Kurdistan Translation: Christina Cullhed November 04 2022

I want to tell you how it feels to be part of this revolution. It is hard though to put my feelings into words. We have demonstrated in protest of the regime several times before, for example three years ago when the government arrested and killed many demonstrators, but this time it is different.

To protest is a human right that we do not have so by protesting people here are putting their lives at stake. At earlier demonstrations I was younger and did not fully understand what was going on. I didn’t see the whole picture. But this time is different. This time we are not calling it demonstrations of protest, but a revolution; a change of wording that brings us hope. This time we will once and for all put an end to all this misery and build ourselves new lives. I can feel how my hope for the future is beginning to stir—something which many of us have lost.

There are many things we do not have, such as our basic human rights. Our rights have been infringed upon in all possible ways. We have been violated and forced into silence; people have even been murdered for having dared to speak up. Such is our reality, and it has taught us resistance. We are not afraid of the regime’s brutality, especially us women. Nothing can stop us.

This time we are united, both young people and old, people of different ethnicities and ideologies. This time we are united to see this revolution through and to ensure that it succeeds.

Our hope rises when we see how our voices are spreading across the world, which is the best support we can get!

Our notion of freedom from oppression and from violations directed at us women is the most important reason as to why we will continue our resistance and our struggle!

By Neda from Kurdistan

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