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#10 2013
1 min read

Syria: Curses

Credits Text: Amira Abul Husn Translation from Swedish: Neil Betteridge October 24 2013

Put on your clothes and leave
You can walk out naked if you wish
The blood of the dead that does not disturb your sleep
can cover you
And when God greets you with his harsh reproaches
Maybe he will like your absurd laughter
and relent
Maybe he will make you a clown in his heaven
for the amusement of the kind-hearted

Put on your clothes
You are ugly naked
Your life is ugly
and I am sure you will
look very ugly in your grave

Let me spontaneously tell you
about the women’s curses,
about the one that wakes you from a nightmare every time you fall asleep
and the one that turns your head to look for your persecutor

If you do not believe me ask your mother
She can tell you
And while you add a new death to your dead
do not forget to paste on a smile
There will always be another fool
to fall for it

Since a time that is greater than you
you have lost all you could control

All you can do this night
is to lie in space
and weep for the power you once had.

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