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Milkman or the police

I have been a journalist for 37 years. This is the hardest period of my professional career. I was a journalist under...

Text: Can Dündar September 21 2017

Oh ... Howling Dog

1/ In the soundless night, wildlife’s cries are being heard. All those cries are rhythmic like a melody. Sounds through...

Text: Nol Dara April 18 2017

Cycle of Life

Tararith Kho is one of Cambodia’s most influential young literary profiles. Full of initiative he started the magazine Nou Hach Literary Journal, which he later abandoned after experiences of threat...

Text: Tararith Kho April 18 2017

Morning glory

"They took men and women out to the killing fields in separate groups, at different times, to have them killed. She is the only survivor from one of these occasions. She says that she was part of a...

Text: Anna Mattsson April 18 2017

The Hybrid War and the Poetics of Resistance

In Russia it is not merely the war that has a hybrid nature—similar contradictory and elusive characteristics may also describe the state of justice, freedom, and censorship within the country. In his...

Text: Lev Rubinstein September 17 2016

I will go back to my country one day

Syrian poet Housam Al-Mosilli was forced to flee Syria in 2012 after having been imprisoned and tortured three times. He lived in exile in Istanbul for four years while waiting to find a refuge. On...

Text: Housam Al-Mosilli March 10 2016

The provoking cartoonist

For 31-year-old cartoonist Arifur Rahman, drawing proved a life-threatening activity in Bangladesh. In 2007, he was arrested and tortured for six months for having blasphemed against Islam. In 2010 he...

Cartoon: Arifur Rahman December 17 2015

Avijit’s killers

Anisur Rahman, poet, critic and playwright, was guest writer in Uppsala from 2009 to 2011. This newly written poem was composed in response to the murder of the very well-known author and blogger...

Text: Anisur Rahman December 17 2015

Letter to my dear friend

On February 26th the blogger Avijit Roy was murdered on his way home from a book fair together with his wife. The writer Shabnam Nadiya, who was a childhood friend of Roy, here writes an open letter...

Text: Shabnam Nadiya December 17 2015

Who can I turn to, my friends?

Putin’s brutal reprisals against dissidents has had a devastating effect on opposition journalists and authors in the country – today, the democratic resistance movement is weak and fragmented, and...

Text: Arkady Babchenko October 13 2015

A cauliflower for Ida

Press and speech freedoms in Ukraine have seriously deteriorated as the conflicts besetting the country have intensified. Many newspapers have been forced to close after pressure from Russian...

Text: Lyuba Yakimchuk October 13 2015

A murdered blogger’s last words

Writer and blogger Ananta Bijoy Dash wrote several entries on his Facebook page just hours before he was killed in the street in the town Sylhet in Northern Bangladesh on May 12. He contributed on a...

Text: Ananta Bijoy Dash July 08 2015

Dogs and humans in Addis Ababa

Where does the idea of a just society begin? Perhaps in a sudden moment in the morning traffic. Author and chairman in Ethiopian PEN Solomon Hailemariam sees the biggest change in the smallest thing...

Text: Solomon Hailemariam April 08 2015

Before the lunar eclipse

Iran is a country full of paradoxes. While the state has enacted some of the strictest laws in the world when it comes to same-sex relationships, sex change for homosexuals has become a thriving...

Text: Ramesh Safavi December 16 2014