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Theme: Despair breeds hope


Fathy Ghabin: Inevitable Binaries

Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will – Gramsci One of the central issues in radical thought aimed at...

Text: Hashem Helles May 26 2023

The bridge between poetry and children's literature.

Fatena al-Jamal, born in Ramallah, is a writer who specializes in cultural affairs. She works at the Tamer Institute for Community Education, and writes poetry and articles. She is published in...

Text: Fatena al-Jamal May 26 2023

Before you believe everything they say about hope.

Almutasim Khalaf is a Palestinian-Syrian writer who lives in Lebanon, and the author of A Little Closer than Far. He writes articles and is trained in the field of creative writing.

Text: Almutasim Khalaf May 26 2023

Hope: As part of the remaining ammunition

Whenever I find myself pondering meanings, I am confronted with the false dichotomy of hidden versus overt, as if we are...

Text: ​​​​​​​Donia Ismail May 26 2023

Poems by Anis Ghuneimah

These two poems are from the poetry collection The Funeral of a Magician by Anis Ghuneimah, winner of the first prize in the Young Writer of the Year 2017 competition, launched by the A.M. Qattan...

By Anis Ghuneimah May 24 2023

Poems by Hala Shrouf

Hala Shrouf is a Palestinian writer based in Ramallah. She was born in Libya in 1978, and has lived between Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. She moved to Palestine in 1995. Shrouf studied English...

By Hala Shrouf May 24 2023

Poems by al-Zaqzouq

Guest editor Muhammad al-Zaqzouq contributes with two poems from the poetry collection The All-Knowing Betrayed Me. He is the winner of the Ali Khalili Prize for Poetry, within the Palestine Cultural...

By Muhammad al-Zaqzouq May 23 2023

Poems by Hamed Ashour

By the young poet Hamed Ashour (born 1994), we publish the poems Open Heart and Simple Things from the poetry collection A Surgeon Experimenting on himself. Ashour was born in Gaza in 1994. He...

By Hamed Ashour May 23 2023

Hell and Quorum of the Dead  by Ameer Hamad

From the poetry collection I Looked for their Keys in the Locks by Ameer Hamad, first prize winner in the 2019 Young Writer Competition. Hamad was born in Jerusalem in 1992, and currently resides...

Poems by Ameer Hamad May 23 2023

Poems by Nidal Al-Faqaawi

Two poems are selected for this issue number from the poetry collection Noon Poems in the Cobbler's Cart by Nidal Al-Faqaawi, winner of the first prize in the Young Writer of the Year 2015 competition...

Poems: Nidal Al-Faqaawi May 23 2023

Letters to Oraib

These letters are an attempt to describe everyday life in the Gaza Strip, and it is also an attempt to recover from despair. The letters were written between 2021-2022. From his isolation, the poet...

Letters by Mahmud Al-Shaer May 10 2023

Poems by Hind Joudeh

These two poems are from the poetry collection Nobody Always Leaves by Hind Joudeh, a Palestinian poet living in Gaza. Joudah was born in 1983 in al-Bureij refugee camp in Gaza. She writes poetry and...

Poems: Hind Joudeh May 10 2023