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Language for dreams and farewells

I was visiting my relatives. My aunt gave me a farewell present of reindeer tongues, a wonderful gift, as they are very...

Neseine June 04 2024


Where does being in the middle take place? Perhaps between novruz and christmas, different geographical places, between two languages where one of them brings literature but first after cutting up the...

Egana Jabbarova April 30 2024

Why people are annoyed when I write in my native tongue

The Tatar language is unintentionally left in the childhood kitchen for many years. We get to follow the language from childhood with əbika, to school and university where it’s ignored, and to Berlin...

Dinara Rasuleva April 10 2024

Story-7: Nights and Walls

Aslı Ceren Aslan was born in Istanbul in 1990 and graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of Mathematics in 2014. Between 2014 and 2021, Aslan worked in various positions as a...

Aslı Ceren Aslan March 07 2024

Editing Through the Looking Glass

Agra Lieģe Doležko is a publicist, journalist and an activist, who focuses on the topics of motherhood (both as an institution and her private experience), gender equality, sexual violence, and women...

Text: Agra Lieģe-Doležko November 29 2023

What do trains and toilets have in common?

Baiba Baikovska is a Latvian stand-up comedian and writer. She works with people with disabilities through the organisation Agape Latvia and is a guest lecturer on disability issues.

Text: Baiba Baikovska November 16 2023

Sarma and the Slut List

Inga Gaile is poet, author of seven poetry collections and fiction writer: five novels and one collection of short stories. She is president of PEN Latvia and organizer of women stand up group in Riga...

Text: Inga Gaile November 09 2023

A fight I might never win

Katrīna Rudzīte is a poet. She has published two poetry collections: Saulesizplūdums (Blur of the Sun) and Ērti pārnēsājami spārni (Comfortably Portable Wings, 2020). She writes essays and articles...

Text: Katrīna Rudzīte October 12 2023

Succès de scandale

Santa Remere is a translator and publicist. She regularly writes literary and art critics for local magazines, mostly with a focus on cultures of young audiences and feminist topics. Occasionally, she...

Text: Santa Remere October 05 2023

Letter from Evin Prison

Narges Mohammadi is an Iranian writer, journalist and human rights defender. She fights for women’s rights, freedom of...

Text: Narges Mohammadi September 06 2023

The bridge between poetry and children's literature.

Fatena al-Jamal, born in Ramallah, is a writer who specializes in cultural affairs. She works at the Tamer Institute for Community Education, and writes poetry and articles. She is published in...

Text: Fatena al-Jamal May 26 2023

Fathy Ghabin: Inevitable Binaries

Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will – Gramsci One of the central issues in radical thought aimed at...

Text: Hashem Helles May 26 2023

Hope: As part of the remaining ammunition

Whenever I find myself pondering meanings, I am confronted with the false dichotomy of hidden versus overt, as if we are...

Text: ​​​​​​​Donia Ismail May 26 2023