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Oh ... Howling Dog

Credits Text: Nol Dara Translation from Khmer: New Sométa 18 april 2017
1/ In the soundless night, wildlife’s cries are being heard.
All those cries are rhythmic like a melody.
Sounds through wind had awakened the feelings inside.
Trying to sleep with knees bent covered with blanket.
2/ The blowing wind’s bouncing around touching leaves.
In the darkest night, the screaming goes so chilling.
Ah Kino stands up and howls in the dark.
Make me ponder on the dog such tough luck.
3/ Hearing the cries, hearing the screams, he’s howling,
Little by little my mind broods over Ah Kino
Does it know the language the wildlife cry?
Is that why his howling is so in sync?
4/ Oh… miserable animal they know nothing.
Are they scared? Do they worry? If they don’t
Know how to talk to make their crying known.
These sounds, these screams, how to make it understood?
5/ Or does it know the language of the wildlife?
Is that how he knows why they cry at night?
What are they really crying for?
How’s this stupid mind not knowing their language?
6/ Oh… Kino if you know their language,
Won’t you let me know it in secret?
If I know and I can help release
Their sorrow that is no different to human’s.
7/ The howling could travel very far.
Are you pleased to keep screaming back and forth?
Or are you also suffered like they do?
Oh… Kino please won’t you let me know!
8/ Woof Woof Woo Woof Woof Woo Woof Woof Woo
After howling you keep barking like there’s something
Traveling cautiously through the night
Is it a wild creature, a man or a thief?
9/ If it’s a creature, what kind of creature it appears to be?
How could it travel fearlessly through such quietness?
Must be a cruel brutally savage tiger.
That’s how it dares roaming in the night.
10/ What if it’s really a savage creature looking for prey?
What animal could escape such terror?
Ah Kino what are you barking for?
To make scare or to make all alert?
11/ If it’s a man, what kind of a man he is?
A drunkard? A traveler? Or a thief?
Oh… the barking’s more intense with higher pitch
Like it’s angry at something that’s coming.
12/ Try to listen, try to focus to the steps.
One by one, it’s approaching my shelter.
Oh… I’m worried. Yes, I’m scared. My mind’s alert.
Is it a friend or an enemy who’s coming?
13/ A part of me is scared, wants to be covered with the blanket.
Just sleep here in the shelter, ignore the sounds.
But another part’s unsettling, thinking of possibilities.
What is it really coming in the night?
14/ Oh…the sounds of all the wildlife cry.
I do not really know the meaning.
You, creature, screaming, crying, really what for?
Are your hungry? Are you sick? Are you violated?
15/ If I were you, a creature, an animal,
Without a family, without a shelter in the forest,
Do I cry? Do I scream? Am I hungry?
Is there any- thing for me to hold on to?
16/ Ah Kino I’ve come to know your sorrow…
When I’m in deep danger, oh… I’m petrified.
The steps I hear are approaching in the quiet night
With the sound of my dog keep barking.
17/ I know clearly you’re coming as an enemy.
In the deepest night, if a friend’s trying to
Bring me victory, bring me triumph right that moment,
Oh… how I would have been rid of danger.
18/ Thinking about it makes me also want to scream.
Maybe then I would have felt better
Like they did when they screamed in the quietness
But for I am a man have to be bold.
19/ If I scream, if I cry, who is here?
To really care, to pity me like howling dog.
Oh… wildlife you have cried for so long,
Just be bold endure the sorrow by yourselves.


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