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Story-7: Nights and Walls

Aslı Ceren Aslan was born in Istanbul in 1990 and graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of Mathematics in 2014. Between 2014 and 2021, Aslan worked in various positions as a...

Aslı Ceren Aslan March 07 2024

Mother’s Dress

Lorîn S. Dogan was born in 1975 in Nusaybin, in the province of Mardin. She is an educated biologist. She has published three collections of short stories so far. She lives in Diyarbakir.

By Lorîn S. Dogan May 11 2023

Housewives and Teachers

Rewşen Bedir-Khan was born in 1909 in Turkey and died in 1992 in Syria. She was a writer, translator and a co-worker at the magazine Hawar, the only female writer. Bedir-Khan was married to Hawar's...

Text: Rewşen Bedir-Khan April 17 2023

Literature as a cultural unity

What is the significance of culture and literature for an oppressed people and a forbidden language? How is literature kept alive when language is strangled? The Kurdish writer Suzan Samancis tries to...

Text: Suzan Samanci March 11 2023

Scabs on the soul

PenOpp publishes a chapter from the Turkish author Barbaros Altuğ's novel Spiritual Wounds, which was published in Turkish last year. The novel's main character Derin, a Turkish journalist who grew up...

Text: Barbaros Altuğ January 21 2022

Fighting with words

“I explained as thoroughly as I could that one of the words was the name of my lands, the other of my hometown, and that Newroz is a festivity that Kurds have celebrated for thousands of years. At...

Text: Nurcan Baysal September 17 2020

When Hatred Becomes the Air We Breathe

What is hate speech? Hate speech differs from any other use of language since it is used only to threaten, silence, and...

Text: Casia Bromberg September 17 2020

New perspectives on free expression in Turkey during Covid-19

In Turkey during the pandemic hundreds of students have been forced to move back home to their families, entailing a risk for those who have other values than their parents or are otherwise exposed in...

Text: Zeynep Serinkaya Winter August 12 2020

Who is Dancing in the Shadow of Corona?

Who is Dancing in the Shadow of Corona? Perhaps I have never been so thoroughly reminded of my privileges as I have been...

Text: Casia Bromberg June 10 2020

Falling apart

The right to use the Kurdish language has been a major controversy in Turkey all through the Republic’s existence. Ciwanmerd Kulek belongs to the younger generation of Kurdish writers who out of...

Text: Ciwanmerd Kulek November 01 2019