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The spring of blood and ashes

“Blood and ash from the stolen Arabian spring / have penetrated the mornings, evenings and nights,” writes Syrian poet Bandar Abdulhamid in his collection of poems. The brutal reality of Syria is...

Text: Bandar Abdulhamid September 10 2014

While we are waiting

Syrian poet Amira Abul Husn is one of those who have chosen to remain in the war-torn country, using her pen to bear witness to all that is going on around her. In her poetry, she depicts fragments of...

Text: Amira Abul Husn September 10 2014

Syria: Curses

Put on your clothes and leave You can walk out naked if you wish The blood of the dead that does not disturb your sleep...

Text: Amira Abul Husn October 24 2013

Syria: The barricades

The woman with the expressive face There she stands with a look of intense surprise on her face on an ordinary morning...

Text: Hazim Alazmah October 24 2013

Syria: Die from the stabs of despair

1 Yesterday evening I wrote a short poem about a mortar shell and hoped that it would fly off to neverwhere. When the...

Text: Ali Safar October 24 2013

Syria: Cowboys, gangsters and pirates

When I was a child I hated Hollywood films I hated watching violence and police chases I hated films about famous...

Text: Lina Tibi October 23 2013

Syria: Thirteen scenes from hell

Scene 1 “Look at those aged female paratroopers—they get promoted and are now called lionesses, the armed forces’...

Text: Housam Al-Mosilli October 23 2013

Each cry from Syria is for you

The whole world can follow the atrocities in Syria. We have been able to do that for more than a year. The only thing that seems impossible is to find political means to put an end the killings. The...

Text: Manhal al-Sarraj July 02 2012

I will steal into the murderers’ sleep

Samar Yazbek, born 1970, is a Syrian writer and journalist who has criticized the Syrian regime before and during the uprising. This text is part of a series in the form of a diary she wrote during...

Text: Samar Yazbek September 23 2011