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Language is a sign of existence

Şerefxan Cizîrî was born in Syria, but has grown up in the Turkish part of Kurdistan. In 1975 he moved to Sweden. For three rounds he has been the local government commissioner in the municipality of...

Text: Şerefxan Cizîrî May 11 2023


Berken Bereh is a Kurdish poet, born in 1954 in the city of Sirnak. He started writing in Kurdish in 1978. His articles and poems have been published in many journals and newspapers and he has...

Text: Berken Bereh May 11 2023

Housewives and Teachers

Rewşen Bedir-Khan was born in 1909 in Turkey and died in 1992 in Syria. She was a writer, translator and a co-worker at the magazine Hawar, the only female writer. Bedir-Khan was married to Hawar's...

Text: Rewşen Bedir-Khan April 17 2023

Literature as a cultural unity

What is the significance of culture and literature for an oppressed people and a forbidden language? How is literature kept alive when language is strangled? The Kurdish writer Suzan Samancis tries to...

Text: Suzan Samanci March 11 2023

Sounds of Peace

Former president of Ukrainian PEN Andrey Kurkov is one of the most translated Ukrainian writers. Kurkov received great international attention with the book Death and the Penguin. Since the beginning...

By Andrey Kurkov February 24 2023

Russian Culture in Light of Refugees from Mariupol

In this nuanced literary essay, Putin opponent Dmitry Kuzmin tries to answer the question of whether all Russian culture is evil. He is a Ukrainian-to-Russian translator and editor-in-chief of the...

Text: Dmitry Kuzmin January 17 2023

Speech at Mårbacka

Speech at Mårbacka was performed during the Literature Festival at Mårbacka on July 30, 2022. Like many people in Ukraine after February 2022, the author of the speech, Olena Stepanenko, writes russia...

By Olena stepanenko December 03 2022

A message from Sanandaj

Neda is a Kurdish woman and human rights activist who participates in and leads the protests in the Kurdish city of Sanandaj in Iran. The regime's forces have occupied the center of the city and the...

Text: Neda from Kurdistan November 04 2022

A Thematic Study of Contemporary Poetry in Afghanistan

Sayed Abutaleb Mozaffari has taken an interest in the impact of political events on contemporary Afghan literature. In this article he deals with the relationship between poetry and politics...

By: Sayed Abutaleb Mozaffari October 16 2022

The State of Freedom of Speech and Media in the Past Year

Elyas Nawandish is an Afghan journalist and editor at the popular digital magazine Etilaat Roz. As a journalist, he worked in the past half a decade to promote freedom of expression, propagate...

By: Elyas Nawandish October 09 2022

Why you should not be naïve about Russian culture

Philosopher Volodymyr Yermolenko gives a brief look into the history of ideas to help us reflect on what is happening now. He advocates a critical approach to Russian culture which, according to him...

By: Volodymyr Jermolenko September 16 2022

Reinforced Concrete: From the Kharkiv Diary

In this travel diary, Tetyana Teren writes about the literary city of Kharkiv. The diary was written in June during a train trip she made from Kyiv to Kharkiv together with five Ukrainian PEN writers...

Text: Tetyana Teren September 06 2022